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Hello, I'm Johnnie
JavaScript - Python - Java
MeteorJS - Node.js - MongoDB
About Me
I'm a full stack engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I graduated with a computer science degree from San Francisco State University. I love building things. Check out my projects below! Also, I'm looking for new opportunities in tech.
Feel free to contact me!
- I previously worked as a full stack engineer Gummicube, an App Store Optmization (AS0) company.
- During college, I worked as software engineer internship at Oration Inc, Hospital & Health Care company.
A web app that allows non-technical users to send each other encrypted messages using RSA without having to know about RSA, similar to how Dropbox users don’t have to know how to use rsync.
  • No need to install a browser extension or exchange public keys.
  • No private keys stored on the server.
  • Tech Stack: MeteorJS, React, MongoDB, CloudFlare, Bootstrap, and Heap Analytics.
View and edit your to-do list from any browser using your own secret link. Your to-do list is emailed to you ( and optionally your collaborators ) every morning.
  • Create a personalized link to your to-do list that can easily be shared with others
  • Add multiple collaborators
  • Emphasis on UI/UX, e.g. novel sign-up process designed to minimize friction.
  • Tech Stack: Sails.js, MailGun, MongoDB, CloudFlare, Bootstrap, jQuery, and Mixpanel.
The Weather Now web app displays information about the weather based on the user's Zip Code/Postal Code.
  • Display the time of sunrise/sunset
  • Mobile first and Responsive design
  • Tech Stack: Sails.js, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, AJAX, jQuery, and Yahoo Query Language
During the summer of 2014, I built a web application using Ruby on Rails. The app lets people create itineraries for jaunts around their city. The idea is that the locals know the best spots.
  • Yelp’s API to search for businesses
  • Facebook's Graph API for user login
  • Learned to organize and prioritize task to complete product within a timeframe
  • Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and jQuery
Email - johnnielo50@gmail.com